"Restock" Lookbook

Due to popular demand, and to fund our first cut and sew piece, the original "Debut" collection is getting restocked! There will be a limited run once again with the new 'Awake at Three' branding, so make sure to be quick off the mark if you missed out last time!

Because this is SUCH a special occasion, I thought this collection deserved a nice little Lookbook this time round - featured here are the "vandalise" and "Cletus" t-shirts, although the "prescription" tee will also be getting restocked! (also featured is my ugly mug - you'll have to bear with while I'm still too skint to recruit Gigi for the time being)

Photos by photographer extraordinaire @rossrenwick_

P.S: I'm getting this damn blog back on track - I was trying to do too much before but keeping it nice and simple with everything in one place is the way forward ... so look out for updates on the insta !

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