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just when you think australia has spat out too many great psychedelic rock bands with weird names, Tropical Fuck Storm arrive with their new album 'Braindrops'. unnervingly stuttering and uncompromising with a signature sound that's hard to come by these days.

but the main event this month for me was Murder Capital's unexpectedly brilliant debut album 'For Everything'. their album is best experienced listened all the way through, where you are taken through a journey of brutal, raging highs and delicate, vulnerable lows. the beautiful thing about this album is that the music itself implies the emotion that the lyrics only confirm - writing about a mother passed away, a friend who had taken his own life, and a smattering of romance. but these subjects aren't just written about in apathy, they are contrasted with a hopefulness and a fight - and this is what makes this record so special.

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